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Vending Machines 

Our dispensers differ from the traditional vending snack machines typically on the market today which are being retro-fitted to house face mask products. Although much larger in size, these types of vending machines tend to house less products due to the coil mechanism which rotates per payment to release the product(s) - requires each items to be spaced apart.


Therefore face coverings which are stocked in these machines tend to be a higher price points (typically between £8-£12 per mask) with varying designs and placed in areas where there is less footfall to prevent crowding as the average time at machine can be between 60-90 seconds.


Furthermore, not all vending machines are contactless and therefore can harbour germs on the surface of buttons which are being touched repeatedly throughout the day by potentially hundreds of people.


We instead created a specialised machine to differentiate from the traditional vending machine and create a fully customised contactless interaction wherein customers can simply scan their card/mobile phone, pay and instantly receive their face mask(s) in under 10 seconds. Therefore preventing large congregations of people standing in long queues waiting to be served. Instead they can be strategically placed in high footfall areas without taking up large amounts of floor space.


The shape and mechanics of the machine was designed around a standardised packaging allowing face masks to be sealed and stacked compactly to prevent constant refilling and increase customer engagement satisfaction.


It lends itself to the fast moving consumer who simply needs access to a face covering on a busy train or bus quickly, for short intervals to protect themselves around large groups of people or from possible dangerous elements in the workplace or public spaces.


Our manual versions, unlike traditional vending machines which require electricity can be placed in remote areas without the need for direct mains power, perfect for events i.e. music festivals or sports events which see large gatherings over short spaces of time.

Face Mask Vending Machine.jpg
Face Mask Vending Machine Spiral
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