Individually Wrapped Pair of Heavy Duty PVC Cotton Double Sided Industrial Dotted Gloves


70% cotton with 30% Polyester blend.

Soft, seamless construction for maximum wearer comfort in a range of sizes to ensure a secure custom fit.


Textured PVC dotting to palm and reverse side pus PVC fingertips to improve grip and durability.


Precision weave engineering to enhance dexterity across a wide range of applications.


Low Linting
Snug fit rolled cuff for secure seal around the wrist and arm
Breatheable material 

Latex free


*For bulk quantities over 1000 and over please call or email directly for latest prices. 

PVC Cotton Double Side Industrial Dotted Gloves

  • Blue PVC dotting and blue rolled cuff.

    Ambidextrous and reversible with knitted cuffwrist

    Individually Plastic flow wrapped clear packaging. 

    Service life depends on usage. Discard once worn out or soiled.

    Caution: Keep away from Fire, do not use with chemicals or serrated blades.