Individually Wrapped Pair of Polyester Shell with PU coated Palm Glove


85% Polyester/Nylon, 5% Elastic, 10% PU


Elasticated Polyester Shell breathable liner.


Specially Palm dipped in Polyurethane to create a thin smooth protective  layer for maximum dextrity and grip.

Ultra-soft and Breatheable material combined with elastic to enable full flexibility and little chafing - perfect for long use periods. 


*For bulk quantities over 1000 and over please call or email directly for latest prices. 

Polyester Shell with PU coated Palm Glove

  • Fully white with brown elasticated cuff.

    13 Gauge Liner for tailored fit.


    Individually Plastic flow wrapped clear packaging. 

    Service life depends on usage. Discard once worn out or soiled.

    Caution: Keep away from Fire, do not use with chemicals or serrated blades.