5 Litre Lalor Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol Content *Up to 3000 uses per bottle*


70% Alcohol Content EU Approved Formula which kills most bacteria, germs and viruses. 


No rinsing required and dries quickly leaving a pleasant odour with no sticky residue. 


Contains skin moisturisers to prevent skin dryness


Suitable for frequent use before and after contact.


Perfect gel consistancy for easy circulation through both our manual and automatic sanitisers/dispensers without clogging or blockages. 


*For bulk quantities over 20 please call or email directly for latest prices. 

5 Litre Lalor Hand Sanitiser Gel 70% Alcohol Content *3000 uses per bottle"

SKU: PPE5015
  • 5L Bottle

    Compatible with all manual and automatic sanitiser/dispenser models:

    FC 260
    FC 290
    FC 320
    FS 350
    FS 370