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Modular Wall Mounted Dispensers

390 Modular Wall Mounted Manual Face Mask Dispenser

Gravity Fed modular wall mounted dispenser built for housing boxes of masks and other PPE products. Centre console with automatic sanitiser and drip tray plus tablet information screen optional


Boxes can be simply stacked into place via the front of the dispenser by simply lifting the clear acrylic window. Simply “pinch-and-pull boxes from the bottom to release.


Compatible with:

15mm - holds 50 boxes 
20mm - holds 38 boxes 
30mm - holds 20 boxes


As this is modular you can increase capacity by simply attaching extra columns to the dispenser. 


Made from Zintec Steel coated with antibacterial white paint.

Can be mounted onto a stand
Easily add extra columns

Compact Design up to 150 masks

Easy refill via front opening
Lightweight and easy to install

Bespoke Vinyl Wrapping available

Modular Wall Mounted PPE Dispenser
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