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CE Certified Face

Mask & Covering Suppliers

We are partnered with our sister brand HealthGuard PPE which provides premium CE certified Type II and Type II R Face Masks for professional workplaces.

The inner layer is made from patented Japanese fibres which are designed to gently caress sensitive skin around the lips and nose and withstand absorption from moisture particles when exhaling for a lasting comfortable experience.

The ear loops are made from a highly elasticated cotton Lycra formula and uniquely shaped to prevent tension on the ears and maintain the correct form when wearing.



All masks are individually wrapped using PET Thermal sleeving in highly sanitised quarantined chambers to ensure microbes, bacteria or viruses cannot penetrate the mask during vending and handling and therefore prevent transmission to persons.

The wrapper is made up of three individual layers so that it can be printed onto without ink bleeding through onto the mask and spoiling the product. Being three times thicker than ordinary sleeving also adds to the premium feel along with the ability to brand each wrapper.

Masks come in sharp crisp white or executive black to distinguish from medical blue masks typically used in hospitals and clinics which evoke the look of patient or ailing person. Instead, Health Guard Masks set themselves apart by looking clean, crisp and fitting for corporate establishments or lively entertainment events.  

Individually wrapped mask
single serve black mask
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