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Fully Managed Service

Our manual pedal dispensers and contactless kiosks can be installed into private workspaces of public venues at zero upfront cost and routinely stocked with prefilled boxes of PPE. 

We build a bespoke package around the type of PPE consumables you require and then install machines to cater for the amount of daily throughput, whilst positioning them in key hot spot areas. 

For private workplaces where PPE is provided freely we recommend either our pedal dispenser or key fob / RFID card access control electronic kiosk depending on the level of control and data analysis you require. 

For public spaces i.e. train and bus stations, concert halls, stadiums and street spaces we recommend our alternate electronic kiosk pre-fitted with a payment wall so that people needing a stop-gap solution can quickly pay and access PPE and face masks swiftly and in contactless fashion. 

No more crowding and bottlenecking or time spent searching on shelves or in boxes for suitable PPE.

Individually wrapped PPE dispensed contactlesly to prevent transmission of viruses and bacteria.

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