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Clear Acrylic Free Standing Nitrile Glove Dispenser

420 NG Disposable Nitrile Glove Free Standing Single Dispenser

NG 420 Disposable Glove Dispenser.png
Single Use Face mask.png

3mm Solid Card

Lockable Sleeve

2mm Plastic

Flow Wrap Sleeve


No Packaging

Hypoallergenic face Mask.png

Our free standing Acrylic Dispensers for disposable Nitrile Gloves can be locked and placed in high footfall areas. The Dispenser is made from 5mm pure transparent cast acrylic and separated into 4 vertical compartments which holds one standard box of disposable gloves. Simply load full box per compartment via the side and lock to prevent unauthorised access.

Boxes are mounted onto a steel stand and base plate with rubber feet for added grip. There is the option to mount two boxes vertically or back-to-back. Alternatively, glove boxes can be combined with acrylic face mask dispensers. Additional gel automatic sanitisers can also be fitted.

Clear easy clean surface

Cam Lock with two keys included

Holds up to 400 Nitrile Gloves per box

Predrilled holes for easy mounting
Lightweight and easy to install

Suitable to hold each size of Nitrile Glove – Small to X-Large

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