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Solid Card Carton Packaging

Single Use Face mask.png

Our solid cardboard 20 GSM cartons can house up to 10 Type II or Type II R 3 Ply masks or be utilised as a "PPE prevention kit" combined with other products such as sanitisers, gloves and wipes. 

We provide full customisation to our packaging to cater for brand partnerships initiatives and sponsorship promotional deals for companies which want to increase their brand exposure to an engaged audience. Artwork, styling and branding can be printed directly onto the box with additional UV spot printing available

All our packaging options are a standardised length and width for optimum dispensing stock levels with a slight adjustment for depth to make each machine as productive as possible regardless of what type of PPE it is stocked with. 

Suitable for:

  • Medical Face Masks

  • N95 Face Mask

  • Fabric Face Coverings

Additional tamper proof options i.e. labels or locking flaps can also be integrated into the packaging to keep high value goods or sanitised goods safe and instil a notion of trust to the end user.

Multi-pack Cardboard Box for PPE Products

  • Small "Pocket Size" Sanitiser Bottles

  • Eye Protectors

  • Ear Plugs

  • Sanitiser Wipes.

Hypoallergenic Type II Black Face Mask 10 Pack .png
10mm Carton Card Box.png
Type II Hypoallergenic Face Mask  10 pcs.png
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