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Automated PPE Dispensers

4ft - 6ft



Manufactured in United Kingdom 

Contactless PPE dispenser

Contactless PPE Pedal Dispenser

We currently supply two versions of our exclusive electronic PPE Kiosk. The first option has a built-in contactless payment system which enables customers in public spaces to pay and receive vital PPE on-the-go, perfect for bus and train stations, stadiums and festivals.

The second option has an integrated access control system with RFID Fob or card interaction to release PPE. Each kiosk has IoT sensors fitted for extra data analysis granting the controller the ability to see how much PPE is being used per day, by whom and what type of PPE is most in demand.

An optional tablet device can be fitted to the top of the kiosk to present information, alerts and data to recipients.


Pre-prepared boxes containing individually wrapped masks, gloves, gels, earplugs, or other PPE of your choosing are simply loaded into the divided compartments and dispensed via the tamper proof LED lit openings.


We can customise the design of each dispenser by adding branding, messages, imagery, and colour schemes to showcase your organisations commitment to Health & Safety.

Compatible Packaging Options: 15, 20 & 30mm boxes

Printed Cardboard Packaging

Type II Hypoallergenic Face Mask  10 pcs.png
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