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Automated PPE Dispensers

4ft - 6ft



Contactless PPE Pedal Dispenser

Our unique contactless pedal dispenser enables companies to automate how they distribute PPE so that staff and visitors arriving on site can receive vital PPE in swift fashion.


Pre-prepared boxes containing individually wrapped masks, gloves, gels, earplugs, or other PPE of your choosing are simply loaded into the divided compartments and dispensed via each top opening by operating the foot pedals at the base.


We can customise the design of each dispenser by adding branding, messages, imagery, and colour schemes to showcase your organisations commitment to Health & Safety.


Our dispensers are incredibly versatile as they do not rely on electricity and therefore can be placed in high traffic areas without worry of trial-ling cables or sudden loss of power.

Compatible Packaging Options: 15, 20 & 30mm boxes

Printed Cardboard Packaging

Type II Hypoallergenic Face Mask  10 pcs.png

Manufactured in United Kingdom 

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