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Manual & Automatic PPE

& Face Mask Dispensers. 

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We design, manufacture and install contactless PPE and face mask dispensers for work places and public spaces.


Supplying over 40 NHS Trust & Health Care Providers Nationwide. 

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Our sister brand Health Guard PPE supplies industry leading CE and EN Certified sanitary, PPE and health consumable products which are compatible with our wall mounted and free standing PPE dispensers and kiosks. 


All products can be supplied individually wrapped or in bulk  and made available for restocking in any of our dispensers all year round so clients always have access to vital PPE.


Type II and Type II R Face Masks
Pure Nitrile EN Certified Examination Gloves

Disposable 20 Micron Aprons

Alcohol Sanitiser Bottles and Sachets

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Manufactured in the UK

All our PPE dispensers and Kiosks are manufactured in the UK from EN certified industrial grade steel
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Gold Channel Supply-chain Partners

We carefully source every single PPE consumable from industry leading manufacturers

Dedicated Internal Deliveries

All deliveries are made by our internal fully vetted staff 7 days a week so you see a familiar face at your door.

We plant trees for the PPE we sell.

We are partnered with UK based non-profit tree planting organisations to ensure a greener future for humankind and increased biodiversity for wildlife.

For every carton of PPE consumables we sell, we pledge to plant a tree here in the UK.

Service Management

Previous Clients Include:

We can manage your entire PPE Supplies and automate how you distribute PPE. 

If you are juggling multiple PPE supplier channels, we can simplify the entire process by creating one comprehensive service.

Simply tell us what PPE you use per day and we fill our automated dispensers and kiosks with leading PPE consumable brands so that staff and visitors have round the clock access to the very best PPE. 



Manual Acrylic Plastic and Metal Heavy Duty Dispensers

All our dispenser models are designed and built in the UK within our ultra clean room facilities using high quality virgin materials providing a premium and lasting finish.

Customers can choose between wall mounted or free standing models, available in either high grade 304 stainless steel or cast acrylic.


None of our manual models require power enabling customers to place them in the remotest of areas. Dispenser box can vary in size and mounted singly or paired to provide high volume single-se PPE output. 

Face Mask Dispensers

Disposable Glove Dispensers

*A Floor Mounted Dispenser holds around 300 masks while a wall mounted Dispenser can hold around 150 masks (depending on the size option).


Safeguard staff and visitors on your premises.

Our face mask dispensers keep the wheels on your business turning by automating the distribution of face masks to staff and visitors entering your place of work to help reduce the risk of exposure to covid-19 variants and other viruses and bacteria.

It also provides peace-of-mind to those entering your workplace that you are doing all you can to keep people safe whilst on your premises. 

Standardised pre-packaged boxes filled with PPE of your choice are loaded into machines ready to be dispensed in contactless orderly fashion using manual foot pedals or contactless RFID fobs or payment cards.

Our electronic Kiosks provide data on who, when, where and what PPE is being used so you can address critical gaps in resource planning to ensure the right amount of PPE is available to the correct people at the right time.

We also use this data to good effect by ensuring your machines are always kept healthily stocked up to keep the wheels in motion for your business.

Our contactless PPE Kiosks provides a completely unique solution to vending PPE, Health & Sanitary products.

Electronic Contactless PPE Kiosk
Contactless PPE Pedal Dispenser Kiosk
Trade in Surplus Stock

Trade in your Surplus PPE stock and receive discounts on future bulk orders.

We quantify the optimum level of PPE your organisation needs over the long-term when you join our fully managed automated service(s) so you only utilise what you need.

Any surplus unused legacy PPE consumables no longer suitable for your organisation can simply be traded in and discounted against our fresh supply of PPE.



We can provide floor and wall mounted dispensers for busy train, bus and subway stations/platforms where there is a high population density.



To protect the health of vulnerable staff and patients it is crucial protective equipment and products are always available. Our dispensers ensure face masks are accessible anywhere, anytime, any place. 


Restaurants, cruise ships, hotels and casinos rely upon a high volume of customers which are often in enclosed spaces.Our dispensers provide instant protection at crucial times when throughput is at it's peak.


Live Events

Sports events, festivals and music concerts are inevitably a hotbed for various virus transmissions due to people in direct contact with one another. Providing PPE using our contactless kiosks may help reduce the spread of many air born viruses. 


Dispensers can be installed in Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Cinemas or car parks - anywhere with high footfall and a requirement for instant protection whilst on-the-go.



Our durable metal wall mounted dispensers are well built to take the pressures of heavy use by students and staff. Our fully managed solutions ensure organisations only pay for the PPE they require.  

Choice of Packaging & Sleeving for multi or single use PPE products.

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We have a range of solid cardboard cartons with sizes to suit a multitude of products i.e. 3-ply face masks, sanitiser sachets and nitrile gloves.

Our PET Plastic packaging is triple layered to protect PPE products against possible cross contamination during stocking, handling and dispensing process. The outer layer is able to be printed on to enable bespoke branding opportunities. 

Our Multipurpose Nitrile Disposable Glove are certified to the highest CE and EN European standards and ASTM US standards for medical, chemical and industrial use.




Branding Sponsorship & Advertising

Our face mask dispensers are effectively a blank canvass for companies to use as advertising space for their goods and services which has the potential to reach millions of customers per year. 

Especially lucrative for organisations with synergies in health care, fitness and well-being.

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